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My thoughts on today's briefing -      Fri 4/3/2020 8:41 PM



Anybody watching today’s fiasco involving the President must have come to the same conclusion as I did, that that Presidential imposter in the White House hasn’t learned a damn thing at all about the nature of the viral outbreak


It was mentioned that the CDC has suggested that the people wear masks for 2 reasons. To prevent the accidental spread of the virus due to asymptomatic people. This would (1)prevent you the wearer  from another person, and (2)prevent you from spreading to another person if by chance YOU were asymptomatic. Trump then said this was voluntarily. You don’t have to wear it if you don’t want to. It seems to me, that if he was really deeply concerned about the welfare of the American people, and learned about the spreading of the virus, he would encourage the population to do this, to slow down the spreading of the virus. He then came out with a remark which completely floored me. He stated that he himself would NOT wear one. I was both shocked, and livid. He Still does not get it. He is discounting science, and the advice of the Center for Disease Control. He is definitely not interested in leading. He is still shirking his responsibility to the office he was elected to serve. He is NOT serving as an example, He must show that he is seriously concerned with trying to rid this country of this virus, and he would wear one himself.


The other thing which upset me greatly was, his stubborn, and idiotic refusal to call for a nation wide STAY AT HOME order. Most of the states have done this, but a few states still insanely refuse to pass this order, which makes the lack of unity a problem in fighting this virus. He is afraid of owning the problem, and lacks the courage, and the mettle to deal with the responsibility of the office. He is very content hiding behind the actions of the governors of each state. This way he will not have to accept responsibility, but be free to blame mishaps on the governor.


He lacks the courage, and temperament to be an effective leader. He strikes me as though if he were the captain of the Titanic, he would be the first one off the ship, shoving women, and children aside.






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 on putting Jared Kushner in charge is utter madness


Face it folks we have a failed government with absolutely no chance of redemption while this group of incompetent clowns is in office.


Trump is completely void of conscience, caring not, that so many died, and WILL die through his gross negligence, and incompetence.


His likewise son in law with his complete ignorance, and sociopathic tendencies will now also decide who will be allowed to live, or die.


Meanwhile his supporters who are obviously brain-dead, or so oblivious to what is going on outside of Foxx news world, are perfectly O.K. with losing friends, or family members to this virus.


 They do not know, nor do they care that this group of ignorant, callous, "leaders" have led us down this path of ruination. I chill when I drive along on Staten Island, and see the Trump flags, and banners proudly waving their support for this beast.


My biggest question is why would we think that this creature in the white House would have acted differently once elected. We knew he was a vicious brute, and how evil his entire clan was.


What was it that they said, or did, that made us think that they would have acted differently after gaining access to the White House ?