1. 1 billion a day to kill people - what a bargain
  2. 1,000 points of light and one dim bulb
  3. 9/11/01 New Yorkers say "NO" to war
  4. 9/1/-01: 15 Saudis, 0 Iraqis
  5. $200 billion for healthcare and schools not war
  6. A terrorist act for a terrorist act leaves us all dead
  7. A village in Texas has lost its idiot
  8. A war with Iraq will not make us safe
  9. Act like it's a globe, not an empire
  10. Admiral Poindexter, add me to your database
  11. Al Qaeda had a first-strike policy too
  12. All humanity is downwind
  13. All war and no peace makes Bush a bad man
  14. All wars are criminal
  15. All you need is love
  16. America is a leader- lead with nonviolence
  17. America wake up: impeach the Bush regime
  18. America, get out of the bushes
  19. Americans used to fight against tyranny
  20. America's problems won't be solved in Iraq
  21. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. - Gandhi
  22. An injury to one is an injury to all
  23. Another family for peace
  24. Another patriot for peace
  25. Another pet for peace [carried by a dog]
  26. Anything war can do, peace can do better
  27. Are detentions and racial profiling democratic?
  28. Artists against war on Iraq
  29. Ask me about my lobotomy [w/picture of Bush]
  30. Asses of evil [with pictures of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld]
  31. Attention shoppers, aisle four: we don't want your oil war
  32. Axis of Evil = Dubbya, Cheney, Rummey
  33. Back by popular demand [picture of the peace symbol]
  34. Bad plan, dude
  35. Ban weapons of mass destruction everywhere
  36. Barbara Bush: please give your son a time out
  37. Beat the bushes for peace
  38. Better old-fashioned Europe than new-fashioned fascism
  39. Big boys, big toys, tiny minds
  40. Big brother is watching you [w/photo of Bush]
  41. Big brother isn't coming - he's already here
  42. Blonds against dumb wars
  43. Bomb Texas - they have oil, too
  44. Bombing = terrorism
  45. Bombs breed hate - my children will suffer the revenge
  46. Bombs kill too many children and too few dictators
  47. Bombs leave a return address
  48. Books not bombs
  49. Born to kill, born to drill
  50. Brains not bombs
  51. Buck Fush
  52. Build ramps not bombs [disability rights activists]
  53. Bu$h is evil
  54. Bush = Sauron
  55. Bush and Cheney sitting in a tree, K-I-L-L-I-N-G
  56. Bush: appointed, not elected
  57. Bush / Blair: axis of arrogance
  58. Bush, Blair, Bin Laden - world leaders in terrorism
  59. Bush doctrine = state terrorism
  60. Bush is a servant of Sauron. We hates him
  61. Bush family evil empire
  62. Bush gets oil, we get duct tape
  63. Bush is a bully
  64. Bush is a butcher
  65. Bush is a moron - don't let him get his war on
  66. Bush is a weapon of mass destruction
  67. Bush is proof that empty warheads can be dangerous
  68. Bush is the weakest link
  69. Bush is to Christianity as Osama is to Islam
  70. Bush lies
  71. Bush sucks
  72. Bush, send the twins
  73. Bush/Cheney: malice in blunderland
  74. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld: the asses of evil
  75. Bush: don't Defy U.N.
  76. Bush: don't grind our bones to make your bread
  77. Bush: how many Iraqi children will you kill?
  78. Bush: shame on you
  79. Bush's policies: endangering America, enraging the world
  80. Bush: take your hands off Iraq
  81. Can we afford $200 billion cuts in social services?
  82. Caution: stupid president at play [with caution stripes]
  83. Cheney lies
  84. Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld: axis of weasel
  85. Chickenhawks want war - we don't (w/pictures of Bush, Cheney, Liebermann, Lott, Wolfowitz)
  86. Class warfare now!
  87. Colin Powell, you're from the Bronx. SHAME ON YOU!
  88. Conserve oil, don't steal it
  89. Consume -> Consume -> Bomb -> Bomb -> Consume -> Consume
  90. Curious, George? - get a clue
  91. Daddy, can I start the war now?
  92. Dance for peace
  93. Democracy - 1776-2000 - RIP. Ah well, we had a good run
  94. Deport me to France
  95. Destroy Florida [It could happen again]
  96. Dick and Bush: make love not war
  97. Different Bush, same disease
  98. Disarm Bush too
  99. Dissent is patriotic
  100. Do something radical - vote!
  101. Does it take war to stay in office?
  102. Don't arm a son of a Bush
  103. Don't attack Iraq
  104. Don't be a fossil fool
  105. Don't blame me, I voted with the majority
  106. Don't do it, George, Dad will still love you
  107. Don't enter Iraq [graffiti on street sign]
  108. Don't kill for oil
  109. Don't make Iraq pay for Saddam
  110. Don't make me come back here [to a peace rally] again
  111. Don't mess with Mesopotamia
  112. Don't put duct tape over this [over Bill of Rights]
  113. Don't shell Iraq [w/ Shell oil logo]
  114. Don't waive your rights while waving your flag
  115. Down with the Bush oilgarchy
  116. Draft dodgers shouldn't start wars
  117. Draft Jenna
  118. Draft Richard Perle
  119. Draft the Bush twins
  120. Drop Bush not bombs
  121. Drop Bush on Iraq
  122. Drop names, not bombs
  123. Drop sanctions not bombs
  124. Drunken frat boy drives country into ditch
  125. Dubya Dubya III
  126. Duct and cover [w/photo of tape over Bush's mouth]
  127. Duct, duct, duct, goose!
  128. Duct tape and plastic sheeting are petroleum products
  129. Duct tape is not the answer
  130. Duct tape this!
  131. Duct tape your bombs, not our window
  132. Eat another pretzel, asshole!
  133. Embrace the enemy
  134. Empires fall
  135. Empty warhead [w/photo of Bush]
  136. Empty warheads found in Washington [w/photos of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld]
  137. End racial profiling
  138. End the Bush regime now
  139. End the sanctions
  140. Engineers against drafting
  141. Evolve! Work for a non-violent future
  142. Export human rights, not bombs
  143. Faster trains not planes
  144. Fear Bush
  145. Fear does not justify war
  146. Fight AIDS, not Iraq
  147. Fight greed, not Iraq
  148. Fight plaque not Iraq! [w/a toothbrush]
  149. Fight poverty not Iraq
  150. Fight terrorism: impeach Bush
  151. Fight the power: don't kill for oil
  152. Fighting terrorism with war is like fighting fire with gasoline
  153. Fixed election, fake president, phony war
  154. Frat boy drives country into ditch / starts war to distract
  155. Free bodybag with every fill-up!
  156. Freezing my ass off for peace
  157. Frodo failed. Bush has the ring
  158. From democracy To phallusy
  159. Fundamentalists for peace
  160. George Bush couldn't run a laundromat
  161. George Dubya: weapon of mass distraction
  162. George W. is a petroleum byproduct
  163. George W. Bush - al Qaeda recruiter of the year
  164. Get the empty warheads out of the White House
  165. Give inspectors and peace a chance
  166. GLAM, not war
  167. Global village idiot
  168. Globalize justice, not war
  169. Go solar, not ballistic
  170. God bless hysteria
  171. God blesses other nations too
  172. God does not bless only America
  173. God so loved the world that he gave his only son. George so loved his oil that he gave everyone else's
  174. Goo Goo Dolls fans for peace
  175. Good Fat Cat/Bad Fat Cat [2-sided poster, one side w/a chubby cat, other side w/ Cheney]
  176. Got blood? [w/picture of Bush with a red-stained upper lip]
  177. Got terror?
  178. Grandmothers for peace
  179. Hans Blix - look over here
  180. Happy Valentine's Day 2003 [w/picture of heart with bomb through it]
  181. Has anyone seen my constitutional rights?
  182. Has anyone seen our constitution lately?
  183. Have a heart for Iraq [2/15/03]
  184. Have tea, not war [London, 2/15/03]
  185. He is a moron and a bully
  186. Healing, peace and love for all people in all nations
  187. Healthcare not warfare
  188. Help Al Quaeda's recruiting efforts - support Bush's war for oil
  189. He wasn't democratically elected
  190. Honk for peace
  191. Honk if you're a terrorist
  192. How did our oil get under their sand?
  193. How many bodies per mile?
  194. How many lives per gallon?
  195. Human blood: $1.09 a gallon
  196. I *am* the bomb [Carried by drag queen]
  197. I am unarmed and I am not afraid
  198. I asked for universal health care and all I got was this lousy stealth bomber
  199. I dissent
  200. I don't care what the people think; they didn't vote for me anyway -
    President Bush
  201. I have a dream / I have a nightmare [w/photo of MLK on one side; other side w/photo of Bush]
  202. I have family in Iraq
  203. I live in a rogue state
  204. I love my Dad too, but Jeez!
  205. I [heart] O E [for Old Europe]
  206. I love this country, I won't let this happen
  207. I voted for the other kind of Gore
  208. I want YOU to bomb Iraq [w/ picture of Osama bin Laden dressed as Uncle Sam]
  209. If it wasn't for France, we'd all be Texans
  210. If war is inevitable, start drafting SUV drivers now!
  211. If war is the answer, we're asking the wrong question
  212. If we wanted a war we would have elected him
  213. If you are not outraged you are not paying attention
  214. If you can read this, you are not the president
  215. If you can't pronounce it, don't bomb it
  216. If your enemy is hungry, feed him
  217. Impeach Bush
  218. Impeach the squatters
  219. In God we trust, not George Bush
  220. In your guts, you know he's nuts
  221. INS - shame on you!
  222. Invest in schools not bombs
  223. Inspect this! [w/picture of Bush with the top of his head flipped up]
  224. Inspection begins at home
  225. Inspections work. War won't
  226. Iraqi children are NOT collateral damage
  227. Iraqi children ask: "What have we done?"
  228. Iraq human rights first
  229. Iraq in 2003 - Texas in 2004
  230. Iraq is Vietnam in Arabic
  231. Iraqi oil for Iraqis
  232. Iraqi oil isn't worth my sons' blood [w/ photos of two sons in the Army invasion forces]
  233. Is bypassing the United Nations good for the US?
  234. Is it fascism yet?
  235. It takes a bomb to raze a village
  236. It takes a child to raze a village
  237. It's all about the oil [protester dressed as Tin Man from Wizard of Oz]
  238. It's imperialism
  239. It's the economy, stupid
  240. It's NUCLEAR, not NUCULAR, you idiot!
  241. It's the oil, stupid
  242. It's the stupid economy
  243. It's time to trim the Bush
  244. Just war/just oil
  245. Justice for Palestine
  246. Justice or just us?
  247. Killing innocent people is the problem, not the solution
  248. Knitters for peace
  249. Lay Down Your Swords - J. Christ, Occupied Palestine
  250. Leave Desert Storm to the desert
  251. Lesbians against boys invading anything
  252. Let Exxon send their own troops
  253. Let inspections save US & Iraqi lives
  254. Let the inspections work
  255. Let's bomb Texas, they have oil too
  256. Let's kill Saddam, eat a Big Mac, and watch The Bachelor
  257. Let's try preemptive peace
  258. Liar! [w/picture of Bush]
  259. Librarians against the war
  260. Lick Bush
  261. Lies, lies, lies
  262. Like father, like son
  263. Look, I'll pay more for gas!
  264. Mainstream white guys for peace [Sign held by three mainstream-looking white guys]
  265. Make alternative energy, not war
  266. Make art, not war
  267. Make democracy, not war
  268. Make dinner, not war
  269. Make love, not war
  270. Make out, not war
  271. Make soup, not war
  272. Make tea, not war
  273. Make touchdowns, not war - Go Raiders!
  274. Makeup not war!
  275. Martin Sheen for president!
  276. Mid-life menopausal hippies for peace
  277. Militarism's package deal: disease, repression, and death. Don't buy it.
  278. Money for jobs, not for war!
  279. More candy less war [On a five year old]
  280. More MPGs, less MIAs
  281. More trees, less Bush
  282. Must our soldiers die for cheap oil?
  283. Mothers against war
  284. My brother is Iraq
  285. My bush doesn't go to war! [w/picture of female anatomy]
  286. My planet, right or wrong
  287. My president is a psychopath
  288. Negotiation not annihilation
  289. New world disorder
  290. Nice guys against icky stuff
  291. No blood for Bush's oil war
  292. No blood for morons
  293. No blood for oil
  294. No Dubya Dubya III
  295. No George, I said mac attack
  296. No hitting [held by young girl]
  297. No Iraqi children in my gas tank
  298. No more Bu.Sh.
  299. No more war. Hands off Iraq. End the Israeli occupation of Palestine
  300. No oiligarchy [Oilgarchy in circle with slash across it]
  301. No proof, no war
  302. No to the Bushtcher
  303. No to war
  304. No to war and dictatorship. Solidarity with Iraqi people
  305. No toys for the boys
  306. No war but the class war
  307. No war, no way
  308. No war, peace now
  309. No war: question motivation, explore alternatives
  310. Nonviolence, not nonexistence
  311. Not in her name [w/photo of daughter who died 9/11]
  312. Not in my name
  313. Not in my name - military might does not equal moral right
  314. Not this war
  315. Not voting elected Bush and this war
  316. Oh say can you cease?
  317. Oh say can you see my democracy?
  318. One family, all [in heart]
  319. One nation under surveillance
  320. One nation... undereducated
  321. Osama Bin Forgotten????
  322. Our grief is not a cry for war
  323. Pacifism IS patriotic!
  324. Patriots are idiots - matriarchy now!
  325. Pay women, not the military
  326. Peace in our name
  327. Peace in our time
  328. Peace is not a fringe movement [w/ turquoise fringe]
  329. Peace is not a radical idea
  330. Peace is patriotic
  331. Peace not pieces
  332. Peace not war
  333. Peace takes brains
  334. Peaceful solution not daddy's retribution
  335. People before profit
  336. People yes, Saddam no
  337. Pick fruit, not fights [UFW sign]
  338. Pillow fights only
  339. Politicians lie
  340. Poverty is the enemy
  341. Power to the peaceful
  342. Practice peace
  343. Pray for peace
  344. Pre-emptive impeachment
  345. Pre-emptive war is terrorism
  346. Pretzel - it does a country good
  347. Pro Israel, pro Palestine, tikkun olam
  348. Pro-lifers: wake from Bush's propaganda spell - war kills innocent children.
  349. Promote world peace not world war
  350. Put the peace back in
  351. Queers against war
  352. Racism and greed = weapons of mass destruction
  353. Rational Americans thank France and Germany
  354. Read between the pipelines
  355. Read my apocolips
  356. Read my lips - no war
  357. Real patriots drive hybrids
  358. Re-elect Carter
  359. Reform not revenge
  360. Regime change begins at home
  361. Relax, George
  362. Remember we're supposed to be the good guys
  363. Republican for peace
  364. Resistance is fertile
  365. Respect civil liberties
  366. Rich man's war - poor man's blood
  367. Rise up to stop the war
  368. Rogue state
  369. Rumsfield lies
  370. Sacrifice our SUVs, not our children
  371. Saddam didn't raise my tuition
  372. Sanctions are weapons of mass destruction
  373. Sanctions: the weapon that keeps on killing
  374. Save America, spare Iraq, make Texas take him back
  375. Save the humans
  376. Say it! One nation under God. say it! [w/ picture of a menacing soldier pointing rifle/bayonet toward the viewer]
  377. Say no to war
  378. Scaredy cats for peace [w/ cat ears]
  379. Schools not bombs
  380. Secretary of offense [w/picture of Rumsfeld]
  381. Send Bush to Guantanamo
  382. Serial killer, no war [on image of US flag]
  383. Shock and awe: Bush impeachment
  384. Small print for peace [on a small card held aloft on a stick]
  385. Smart bombs don't justify dumb leaders
  386. Smart bombs, dumb war
  387. Smart weapons, dumb president
  388. Smoke pot not Iraq
  389. Smush Bush
  390. Solar energy: no pre-emptive strikes required
  391. Somewhere in Texas, a village has lost its idiot
  392. Sorry Dubya - have a pretzel instead
  393. Special prosecutor for Bush & Cheney
  394. Stand for global peace and justice
  395. Star spangled bummer
  396. Start drafting SUV drivers now
  397. Start seeing the Iraqi children
  398. Stop American terrorism
  399. Stop Bush's war machine
  400. Stop de Bom!
  401. Stop killing children for oil
  402. Stop mad cowboy disease
  403. Stop mad sheep disease now [pictures of sheep carrying flags]
  404. Stop me before I kill [w/picture of Bush]
  405. Stop the Bushit
  406. Stop the axis of weasels
  407. Stop the excess of evil [gives figures for the multibillion defense industry]
  408. Stop the shrub
  409. Stop the U.S. war machine
  410. Stop the war - people not profit
  411. Stop this crazy war
  412. Stop U.S. aggression abroad
  413. Stop U.S. imperialism
  414. Stop world war "W"
  415. Students united against the war
  416. Support our troops - keep them home!
  417. SUV owners roll over for terrorism.
  418. SUV's: axles of evil
  419. Take the toys away from Jr!
  420. Tame the tyrant in the mirror, then the one in Iraq
  421. Terror sells: don't buy
  422. Terrorists wear suits
  423. Texas of evil
  424. The empty warheads are in the White House
  425. The end is near [w/picture of an empty gas can]
  426. The face of war in US [picture of Rumsfeld], the face of war in Iraq [picture of Iraqi woman]
  427. The fruit of peace is peace: terror, the harvest of war
  428. The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today is my own government. - MLK, Jr., 1967
  429. The last time we listened to a Bush, we wandered in the desert for 40 years
  430. The only thing we have to fear is Bush himself
  431. The people of Iraq don't deserve U.S. bombs
  432. The proper use of duct tape [w/photo of tape over Bush's mouth; also w/Rumsfeld, Powell]
  433. The United States of Imperialism
  434. The United States military spends $65,573,200,000 per month. Why?
  435. The voters say no - are you listening?
  436. The war budget leaves EVERY child behind
  437. The world says no to war
  438. There are alternatives to war and oil
  439. There is no path to peace - peace is the path
  440. There is no smoking gun!
  441. There's a terrorist behind every Bush
  442. These colors don't run the world
  443. They are selling war - we are not buying
  444. This is a war against democracy
  445. This teen doesn't want war
  446. This war is a weapon of mass distraction
  447. Together we can stop this war
  448. Tony Blair, pull out like your father should have [from London demo 2/15/03]
  449. Truth not bombs
  450. Try therapy! Is it Saddam or Dad?
  451. Unjust war
  452. US: 9/11, Iraq: 24/7
  453. USA: world cannibal
  454. Use the U.N. not bombs
  455. Violence brings on more violence
  456. Wage peace
  457. Wake up and smell the fascism
  458. Wake up!
  459. War begins with 'Dubya'
  460. War in Iraq is wack
  461. War in Iraq makes the U.S. a global bully
  462. War is *so* 20th century!
  463. War is a Bush family value
  464. War is a dick thing, peace is a heart thing
  465. War is a drag
  466. War is expensive, peace is priceless
  467. War is God's way of teaching Americans geography
  468. War is just terrorism with a big budget
  469. War is murder
  470. War is not a family value
  471. War is not a video game
  472. War is not the answer
  473. War is not the way
  474. War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength - George Orwell, 1984
  475. War is so 20th century!
  476. War is still not safe for children and other living things
  477. War is sweet to those who haven't tasted it. - Erasmus
  478. War is tacky darling
  479. War is terrorism
  480. War is the great deal. Invest your children George!
  481. War is wrong
  482. War orphans make great terrorists
  483. War won't keep us safe
  484. War? No thanks!
  485. We are not a focus group!
  486. We can't afford to rule the world
  487. We have guided missiles and misguided men
  488. We support the UN and we are not irrelevant
  489. Weapons of mass destruction: look under the Bushes
  490. Wellstone was assassinated
  491. What if God blesses Iraq?
  492. What if they threw a war and nobody came?
  493. What if your child was collateral damage?
  494. What is the sound of no bombs dropping?
  495. What part of "Thou shalt not kill" is confusing?
  496. What would Wellstone do?
  497. What's the difference between me & God? He might forgive Bush, but I won't
  498. When Bush comes to shove
  499. When the rich wage war it's the poor who die
  500. When we sold you the Anthrax we never said you could use it [w/ photo of Rumsfield]
  501. While you were watching the war, Bush was raping America
  502. Who needs a history lesson?
  503. Who would Jesus bomb?
  504. Whole people. Not holes in people
  505. Who's Saddamizing who?
  506. Who's the unelected tyrant with the bomb?
  507. Why should I care what the American people think? They didn't vote for me. [w/picture of Bush]
  508. Will meet you there. - Rumi
  509. Will trade Bush for peace
  510. Women against war
  511. World peace starts with peace in your mind
  512. Would a war reduce terrorism and bring peace?
  513. Would bombing Iraq really make your family safer?
  514. Would we go to war with Iraq if it exported olive oil?
  515. Would you die for oil?
  516. You can't bomb a country to peace
  517. You don't have to like Bush to love America