Dave Jones, owner of Kittatinny Canoes

NOT a friend of the Delaware River Watershed !


David Jones who owns and operates Kittatinny Canoes,  supported Stone Energyís  plans and suggested allowing  greater  withdrawals when the Lackawaxen is running higher. ďStore it when thereís more volume.


This project is the start of something. The world, the  country, our area needs this industry.   This is our future.  It will save our area.  Itíll protect it from development.


Letís not forget about private property.  Itís our right to harvest it.


Lengthy studies are a delay tactic.  Letís  study  every single industry that takes  water from the basin.  Why just gas drilling?


I depend on this water for my livelihood.  New York City wastes 100 million gallons of water   regularly.


This withdrawal  represents   an Olympic size swimming pool.  Dockets are approved all the time. This is discrimination.Ē