UPDATE! EPA Postpones Syracuse Meetings on

 Hydraulic Fracturing Study


Update!!!.....EPA hearing postponed due to security concerns as thousands planned to speak out about risky hydraulic fracturing

For citizens and sojourners who were planning on attending the EPA hearing this Thursday, August 12th, EPA has postponed the hearing due to Binghamton University raising costs due to large crowds expected and the new location in Syracuse also being concerned with fire and safety issues as EIGHT THOUSAND people were expected to come out to the meeting and rally.

Many citizens rented hotel rooms, organized carpools, rented buses, postponed vacations to be able to attend this hearing to speak out. We all deserve to be heard so please take a moment to contact the EPA and let them know you are dismayed with the last minute change and postponement and that you demand new hearings be set for the public to allow complete and total public input for all who want to be heard and to allow ample time for all who want to to speak out. Also demand that the study does not move forward without this complete public input piece to ensure the public is heard early in the process in order to incorporate all of the citizen concerns. Call your federal Representatives in Congress as well to let them know about the postponement and your concerns hydraulic fracturing has on our finite water resources.

Contact the EPA :

EPA Administrator Secretary, 202-564-4700

Hydraulic fracturing comments to:

Jill Dean, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Mail Code 4606M, Washington, DC 20460


You all might recall that Fire and safety and capacity issues were the excuse that also kept hundreds of people out of the DRBC hearing in July. Though this rally brought hundreds of people to New Jersey, the crowd was cooperative and cordial and the safety issues did not stop us from raising our voices for the River and our communities. Protesters, the people, and the public at large must be heard this time for this important national study to examine the risky practice of hydraulic fracturing and last minute changes and postponements like this will not make us stand down or get distracted from the critical issue or our water at hand. We are a committed and formidable group of citizens from all walks of life who are concerned about a common value we all cherish --- our water, our beautiful rivers, and our whole communities.