Leona & George’s Paddling Profile for 2002





  1. Members of the National Canoe Safety Patrol Lower Delaware Chapter since 1999.

  2. Certified in Red Cross first Aid (George & Leona current) and CPR (George is current (CPR for Professional), Leona is current)

  3. Patrolled over 900 miles on the Delaware River in 2002.

  4. Developed a training program & assisted in the training of Park Rangers (NPS DWGNRA) in 2002.

  5. Assisted in the training on all NCSP/LDC on water events from 2000-2003

  6. Leona as Membership chair in 2002, increased the membership from 19 to 36

  7. George as Patrol Director in 2002, scheduled 45 patrols on the Delaware. The previous year there were only 4 patrols.

  8. Members of the Steering committee for the Delaware River Sojourn.

  9. Members of the Hamilton – Trenton Marsh Executive Committee.

  10. As Governing members of the Mohawk Canoe Club George & Leona Fluck are listed in the 100 year history as 6th and 7th highest miles recorded. In addition, their lifetime miles as of 2003 are the highest tandem miles ever recorded in the Mohawk Canoe Club 100 year history.

  11. Member of 5 Paddling clubs and 5 environmental organizations.

  12. Received special recognition and an award from the Outdoor Club of South Jersey for outstanding trip leaders of 2002

  13. Leona was the editor and publisher of the Mohawk Canoe Club Newsletter for over three years (2000 to 2003).  Leona published an average of 8.5 trip reports per month plus published the annual schedule and membership directory. For over three years, each month, George & Leona printed, folded, stamped and mailed out the newsletter to over 230 members. This effort required about 3 days each month.

  14. Assisted in the orientation of UNIS students in New York prior to the UNIS 2002 event.

  15. Assisted in the off water activities on the UNIS 2002 event.

  16. Provided Safety for a number of “Special” events:

    1. UNIS

    2. Hunterdon Ski Patrol Delaware River Days

    3. Grice Middle School (2 day event)

    4. River Bright River Cleanup

    5. Rising Nation Delaware journey

    6. Hamilton – Trenton marsh Safety

    7. Delaware River Sojourn 2002


  1. Maintain and pay for the following Paddling Websites


    1. www.ncspldc.org Information on the National Canoe Safety Patrol / Lower Delaware Chapter.

    2. www.marsh-friends.org Information about “friends for the Hamilton-Trenton Marsh”

    3. www.pineypaddlers.com Information about a Group of Paddlers dedicated to the New Jersey Pines.