Raritan Trip Paddling Requirements



A good portion of this  Raritan Tidal trip is in open water with potentially shifting winds and wave action.


We navigate in the commercial shipping channels and follow the Coast Guard “Rules of the Road”.


Trip leaders (lead and sweep) must monitor channel 16 using VHF Marine radios.


The available 5:31 hour time tide window for this trip is critical.


Longer, narrower boats are able to move thru the water and can maintain the proper moving average speed.


The Raritan paddling group must maintain an overall moving average speed of 3.9 mph.


As a reference, during 90% of our other recreation trips, our average speed is only 3.2 mph.


For a paddler to maintain a moving average of 3.9 mph on the Raritan, the average boat must paddle at a 50 reps per minute steady for 4.36 hours.


If the tide time window is missed, the incoming current from Raritan Bay can so powerful that headway can not be maintained putting the group in danger.


 Commercial Boat Traffic in Raritan Bay


                                    New Brunswick Tides                South Amboy Tides


      New Brunswick   N40 30.566   W74 27.984 to South Amboy  N40 30.045   W74 16.615