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NCSP (National Canoe Safety Patrol) provided on water rescue support for a near drowning at Turtle beach, Delaware Water Gap, labor day, September 3, 2018 at 4:15pm. Victim, horhay Candace

Sierra Club Endorses Josh Welle for U.S. Congress

Point Pleasant, N.J.- The New Jersey Sierra Club is announcing their endorsement of Democratic Candidate Josh Welle for New Jersey’s 4th Congressional District. Welle was born in Trenton NJ and served 12 years active-duty in the U.S. Navy. Alongside his brother, Josh Welle created a company that provides financing for solar power. Welle also served as was a strategic advisor to Mothers Out Front, an organization working together to make climate change an issue that our nation’s leaders can no longer ignore.

Josh Welle’s campaign focuses on environmental protection as an economic issue. He advocates for planning for and fighting back against climate change and the storm impacts that come with it. If elected, Welle predicts to be the first Congressman in his district to believe that climate change is real in the last four decades.

“Our political committee was extremely impressed with Josh Welle during the Sierra Club’s rigorous endorsement process.  During his multiple deployments in the military, Welle witnessed first-hand the ravages of climate change throughout the world and its threat to national security. Josh Welle will be the fighter the 4th district needs to combat climate change and the assaults on the environment waged by Republican-controlled Congress,” said John Kashwick, NJ Chapter Political Chair.

The New Jersey Sierra Club has endorsed Josh Welle because he has committed to fight against the effects of climate change in New Jersey and especially along our coasts. He supports stopping offshore drilling in our waters and promoting clean, renewable energy to reduce pollution and create jobs.

“The Sierra Club is convinced that Josh Welle not only believes that climate change is real, but that he will work to help us do something about it.  We’re impressed that Josh already has a record of accomplishment regarding climate change, investing in and helping create a solar power company. It’s time this district has a representative who has a record of accomplishment and can get things done,” said Richard Isaac, NJ Sierra Club Chapter Chair.

New Jersey's 4th Congressional District is currently led by Republican Chris Smith who Josh Welle is running against in November. Chris Smith’s voting record has been anti-environmental and pro-Trump. His votes include voting to reverse toxic chemical safeguards, delay toxic settlements, and prevent important communication on toxic chemicals. He also voted to undermine National Ocean Policy, open our national forests and other lands to dirty energy exploration, gut pipeline review, and rollback methane pollution protections.

“We need someone in Congress who will be a leader on protecting the environment, fighting climate change, and defending us from the Trump Administration’s rollbacks. We believe that Josh Welle is that person. Chris Smith’s record has gotten worse and worse over the years.

“We support Josh Welle as a leader who will work in-step with representatives like Pallone to protect the environment and not side by side with those like Paul Ryan to destroy it.”

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NCSP (National Canoe Safety Patrol) provided on water rescue support for a near drowning at Turtle beach, Delaware Water Gap, labor day, September 3, 2018 at 4:15pm. Victim, horhay Candace


Vote for Andy Kim for 3rd district


We need and deserve a True representative who will listen to constituents and not be a rubber stamp for a corporate & political agenda.


Andy will work for US !

Your Voice Matters -

 Please Vote November 6.

  • Protecting Social Security and MEDICARE.

  • Fighting for middle-class tax cuts.

  • Refusing corporate contributions.

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