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Why we should all be alarmed! Dahlia Lithwick and Joyce Vance on the Alito Draft. 


Click here, for  January 2  2023, Sandy Hook pictures.

 George's Test 1-22-23


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My first Navy flight AD-5W Skyraider Patuxent River


Navy Top Gun (RIO) Ward Carroll


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Happy Birthday George !


  What has changed   in my lifetime !


NJ Capital Century 1900-1999


Duck Island Murders Oct 1,1939


Gruesome day at NJ Capitol Dec 22, 1978


  My Friend, from 1949 Auseklis Ozols


Auseklis Ozols at Abbey Artworks


Bill McDade and   Larry Lee 1951


Yvonne Landis & Melody Mayo of Falls Church, Wed  on October 14, 2014


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Steve Schmidt, Sounds the Alarm!


 Steve Schmidt, Democracy was deliberately poisoned!


 35 Places You're Most Likely to Catch COVID.


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  Terror Attack 911!


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 Blue Water, Sailing Beaver


Agnieszka home in Poland


Guided Missile Killed U.S. Aid Worker in Ukraine, Video Shows




Aid workers treating a wounded civilian

 in Bakhmut, Ukraine,

 on Feb. 2 2023, an instant before a missile strike.

Credit aidinen, Frontline Medics


Guided Missile Killed U.S. Aid Worker in Ukraine, Video Shows



by Jean Shepherd


Chet Van Wert contribution "Experts Don't See"


Lessons Warren Buffett Learned from His Military Service



 1955 Chevrolet Corvette/Nomad Wagon


Maurice River Bluffs


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Click here, for  January 2  2023, Sandy Hook pictures.


George's Test 1-22-23



******** Thank you, Patrick Compagnucci, for photos of our Sandy Hook Sierra Club activity. ********




Our Black Vulture Friends, Greet us every Morning.

Our Black Vulture Friends,

Vultures play a vital role in the clean-up of the environments in which they live. Often referred to as 'Nature's Clean-Up Crew', their scavenging ways help to prevent the spread of diseases,

 such as rabies and tuberculosis through clearing away carcasses.








Recharge your Auto, in 5 Minutes !


Modifying Surfaces with Nanoscale Thicknesses By Karen Gleason


Look at, Karen Gleason's Background.




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See how I acquired, Red Meat Allergy