Shut Down Mercer County Coal Plant



Down Along the Upper Delaware River Video






"Turning the Tide"  NJN Digital 2006 Documentary


 "Turning the Tide"         NJN Video work day 2005


Mercer Generating Station Protest  NJ TV News


Joseph Bonaparte in New Jersey 1816  Shannon Selin


"Bonaparte's Retreat"  NJ TV 2012 Documentary


Joseph Bonaparte King of Spain 1808 - 1813


Joseph Bonaparte's 2nd "Point Breeze" Estate, post 1820 fire Bordentown, NJ.

Not so many outside the Mid-Atlantic region seem to be aware that Joseph Bonaparte, former King of Spain and the Indies (and King of Naples before that) and elder brother of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte I, lived in the United States as the Comte de Survilliers.  There were large numbers of artists and craftsmen who came to this country seeking opportunities, but Mr. Bonaparte, as he was sometime called, was one of the most significant of the emigres to become a catalyst in bringing European culture to early 19th century America.