Last & Final Cleanup at

HTB-Marsh (Roebling Park), Very Sad!


 Our FINAL and last HTB-Marsh Cleanup

2017 Sierra Club, Earth Day, on Water Cleanup

 on HTB-Marsh, Watson Creek,

at Roebling Park Canoe/Kayak Access

Click here for; "Current " Published (Dec 7, 2016)

 Mercer County Parks Rules & Regulations

 for use of (on water),

 Roebling Park Canoe/Kayak Access

Click here for; Email sent to M. Leck to be reflected in

 2017 REVISION Mercer County Parks Policy

Click here for; Mercer County Parks response on

 "Work in Progress" to update, approve and publish

the revised "2017" rules & regulation policy.

WHO ARE The PineyPaddlers?

PineyPaddlers are friends who enjoy paddling in the New Jersey Pines Barrens and also support each other.


PineyPaddlers support the preservation of the Pine Barrens ecosystem, its plants and wildlife, its water, and its landscape and promote wide public awareness of the values of Pinelands resources and issues involved in their preservation.


We are not a club or formal organization. Most PineyPaddlers are members of one or more canoe and kayaking clubs.


PineyPaddlers work on water trail maintenance and cleanups and help new paddlers get started the right way promoting sound safety procedures.